eWay-CRM Development Resources

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eWay-CRM Development Resources

Developers will find here resources that will help them integrate or build upon eWay-CRM.

Development Resources


We have prepared a class for PHP developers for theirs projects with a lot of samples!

Are you a C# developer? Try our NuGet package.

You may also have a look at open source projects listed below that communicate with eWay-CRM.


Triggers allow developers write custom actions on the server side of eWay-CRM.

Writting triggers requires T-SQL knowledge. Checkout our Database Schema to find a lot of system procedures and functions that can be used right away.


Checkout our library of Workflow Actions templates.


Write code faster with our Code Snippets.

Community Apps

[Time Clock]

Time Clock is a Windows application which helps users fill their time sheets in eWay-CRM.